• The Hunter: Our second design for Rammstein

    With the first Rammstein design all finished (click here to see it), it was time to start the second.
    As with previous pieces, I started this one by blowing up the small-scale sketch and using a lightbox to transfer elements to a larger sheet. Using a blue lead pencil I then tightened up all the lines, added more detail and supporting elements, and re-drew the deer's head. Initially, the eyeballs on the deer's antlers were looking in the same direction as the deer. I re-drew them facing forward as it gave more of a hypnotic effect. The draped cloth was a late addition to the sketch, as it was needed to provide an area for the lyrics.  
    By now, I had started using our new 'white on black' technique, which involves using a special opaque white paint over black areas. This method is perfect for adding highlights, like highlights on the sword handles and the deer's nose. When painting larger elements back in, I draw them in ballpoint pen on large black areas or marker pen, so I can see where I am painting. On the above image you can see an eye drawn in this way, to the left of the deer. 
    As always, it is a pleasure working with Rammstein and the feedback we received was great. I will post the third design soon!
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    • Simon says...


      Oh I just love this!! Is it possible to get in hi-res for wallpaper on my computer?


      On June 27, 2016

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