I recently started looking through some of my old sketch books to see how my work has been shaped over time. It's a strange feeling to see sketches from years ago and to remember exactly where I was when I drew them. 

    One of the most significant milestones for me, has been the founding of laudaninorcineria. I had been thinking about starting a clothing brand for many years, but after an exhibition in Summer 2011, I actually put pen to paper, and started working on ideas, names and designs. 

    Below are the first two designs that I drew, which I worked on to help create a style for further illustrations. The pages beneath them show the chaotic and impulsive process behind finalising a composition. 

    I hope to post more pages soon, to give you an insight into my working processes.   


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    • Holly says...

      Great artwork. Will buy a T

      On September 25, 2021

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